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The "Digital Ecosystems" Cluster


"Project cluster is an important mechanism, intended to promote interactions among projects working in related topics, allowing their members to come together and to share each other's knowledge and experiences for mutual benefit.
Project clusters also provide a common basis for dissemination and interaction with people interested in the domain."
G.Santucci Head of the EC Unit ICT for Enterprise Networking

The projects, funded under the EC FP6 R&D programme, performing activities in the "ICT for Enterprise Networking" area are grouped in four clusters: "Business Networking" , "Digital Ecosystems" , "Ambient Intelligent Technologies for the Product Lifecycle" , "Enterprise Interoperability".
The cluster "Digital Ecosystems" fosters the synergies among the research projects in the Digital Business Ecosystems area.


The structure of the cluster of projects involved in DE research

The EC scientific officer at Head of the "Digital Ecosystems" cluster is Marion Le Louarn <>

The FP6 Projects of the Cluster

CIP : Innovation Project

SSA : Specific Strategic Support Actions

STREP : STrategic REsearch Projects

NoE : Network of Excellence

IP : Integrated Projects

* the project marked in red have decided to share its public deliverables, you can find the deliverables of the projects in red here

The concertation Meetings of the cluster "Technologies for Digital Ecosystems"

4rd DE Cluster Meeting : Rome, 19 February 2008
The fourth Cluster Concertation Meeting of the "Digital Ecosystem Cluster" took place in Rome on 19 February 2008.
The meeting takes place in Rome during the week of ECOySOL' 08 "Week for the scientific and technologic cooperation between Europe and Venezuela, on Digital Ecosystems and Open Source Software supporting the economic development" [ Agenda ECOySOL]
The agenda of the concertation meeting is here.

3rd DE Cluster Meeting : Brussels, 21-22 May 2007
The third Cluster Concertation Meeting of the "Digital Ecosystem Cluster" took place in Brussels on 21-22 May 2007.
The Integrated Project is completed and has released a working platform on open source. The pilot regions have sucessfull cases to show. The sectorial projects are well advanced now and agreed to exchange digital ecosystem components and applications. The most active regions have decided to work together establishing REDEN , the REgional Digital Ecosystem Network.
The agenda with the the presentations is here.

2nd DE Cluster Meeting : Brussels, 9-10 February 2006
The second Cluster Concertation Meeting of the "Digital Ecosystem Cluster" took place in Brussels on 9-10 February 2006.
The cluster has a critical mass, and some projects are quite advanced, therefore it is expected to end up with a plan for some tangible common actions. The Multi-stakeholder process of the Innovation Ecosystem Initiative has been launched.
The list of participants and the agenda with the slides of the presentations are here.

1st DE Cluster Meeting : Bruxelles, 9-10 December 2004
The first Cluster Concertation Meeting has involved all the four clusters of the projects of the "ICT for Enterprise Networking" domain. The "Digital Ecosystem Cluster" was quite small in 2004, and included only the 3 projects of the 1st call of FP6 ( DBE + SATINE + LEGAL-IST ). The meeting of 2004 (here the conclusions and the presentation of SATINE and LEGAL-IST projects) saw the participation of three projects launched in the first call (and of ECOLEAD project as observer).

Other information about the research clusters

Other information about the research cluster provided by the VE-forum project are available here

Regional Networks, Structural Funds and Deployment Projects

(more details about the item below are available here)

The perspectives in Regional Funds

Regions for Economic Change DG-Regio initiative Documentation

The perspectives in FP7

The EC-funded research on digital ecosystems described within the Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013) and within the i2010 framework of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities is not mentioned within the Workprogrammes WP2007-2008 and WP2009-2010 not including the Digital Ecosystem objective.

The activities might continue within the WP2011-2013 if from the preliminary results of the implementation and deployment within the regions emerge the necessitiy to carry on further research.

The main research activities planned, involving the projects of the cluster were described within the digital business ecosystem roadmap.

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