Digital Ecosystem References : Events

Ecosystem Future Main Events

April (22-23-24), 2009, Prague, Czech Republic, EEEGov 2009, 7th Eastern European eGov Days: eGovernment & eBusiness Ecosystem & eJustice.
Call for paper open (deadline Dec, 20th)

November 25th-27th, 2008, Lyon, France, ICT-2008 European Commission Conference - Exhibition DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM VILLAGE: "Ecosystem Oriented technologies and platforms for SMEs Evolution and development in the Digital Age"

December 1st, 2008, Sidney, Australia, ESBE'08 : International Workshop on Enabling Service Business Ecosystems, (call for papers open) co-located with International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC'08)

June 1st-3rd, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey, IEEE DEST 2009 : 3rd IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies with special theme: "Cyber Engineering and Human Space Computing" (call for papers open)

Ecosystem Recent Main Events

September 25th-27th, 2008, Castel dell'Ovo, Napoli, Italy, EISCO 2008: European Information Society Conference, the Wed 25th opening session is dedicated to "ICT in support of Innovative Business Ecosystems" (organised by EISCO in collaboration with eris@). The final declaration (Declaration of Neaples) of the conference mentions the implementation of Digital Ecosystems as first priority

June 26th-27th, 2008, Barcelona, Spain, Kick-off meeting of the European Thematic Network on Digital Ecosystems "DEN4DEK"

June 11th-13th, 2008, Newport, Wales, UK, Within the "eris@2008 annual conference : Opportunities and Rewards for Regional Development through ICT: New Paradigms - New Challenges" the Friday 13th afternoon session is dedicated to "Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Culture"

February 26th-29th, 2008, Phitsanulok, Thailand - IEEE DEST 2008 : The Second International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies with special theme "Principles, architecture, frameworks and environments underpinning collaboration, civilisation, social and economic growth and prosperity"

February 19th, 2008, Rome, Italy, CNR Aldo Moro - 4rd Concertation Meeting of the Digital Ecosystem Cluster, organised by the European Commission at the premises of the National Council of Researches.

November 7th, 2007 Bruxelles , Centre Borschette 0A, Conference: Economic Participation in the age of networking: Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Services - Achievements of the first 3 years and future perspectives of the Collaborative EU research and of deployment of Digital Business Ecosystems (Introduction - Video of Speakers' speeches, MEPs round Table and SME Awards ) .
The conference is organised by the European Commission
The speeches have been recorded and interpreted in 5 languages; the videos (with the slides) are available here in all the 5 languges on the web. The DVD of the conference is available and can be requested to Francesco Nachira at the European Commission DG-INFSO/D4.

Recent events including DBE elements/workshops / presentations

February 18th-22nd, 2008, Rome, Italy - ECOySOL' 08 "Week for the scientific and technologic cooperation between Europe and Venezuela, on Digital Ecosystems and Open Source Software supporting the economic development" [the programme in English] [ES] [IT] [ECOySOL website]

April 23rd-25th, 2008, Prague, EPMA 6th Eastern European eGov Days 2008, April 25th 3rd workshop: "Digital Business Ecosystem: an opportunity for regional development"

November 19th-23th, 2007, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Within the " V Foro Mundial de Conocimiento Libre " was organised an exhibition of the Digital Ecosystem platform and several seminars , an EC booth was installed in the exhibition area. Related presentation and workshop.

Past events

Conferences and Workshops

November 26th-27th, 2007, Rome, Italy, OPAALS 2007: 1st Annual Workshop on "Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems" ( call for papers )

May 2007, 20th and 21st, in Brussels (Belgium), 3rd Concertation Meeting of the Digital Ecosystem Cluster, organised by the European Commission. Presentation of the Open Knowledge Space and definition of operative synergies among the projects of the Digital Ecosystem Cluster. First meeting of REDEN, the “REgional Digital Ecosystem Network” . Peardrop Workshop: “Digital Business Ecosystem: an opportunity for regional development”.

March 15th-17th, 2007 Biella , Italy - International Conference: Local Networks and Global Development: ideas for the digital districts , Video of the speech of Francesco Nachira "Which principles for an ICT infrastructure for a "nervous system" supporting the Economic Ecosystem?"
March 12th-14th & 18th-19th & 21st-23rd 2007: Code Camps about free software - with a special session about Digital Ecosystems (18th and 19th) and special participation of communities and decision makers from Latinamerica (Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador), India (Kerala region), Europe (Italy, Spain, UK); Brochure - Programme - Day 17th (Digital and Social Networks)

February 21st-23rd, 2007 Cairns, Australia - IEEE DEST 2007 : The Inaugural International Digital EcoSystems and Technologies Conference with special theme "Business Ecosystems for Small and Medium Enterprises"- (Keynote Talk of Prof. Paolo Dini)


November, 28th - December 1st, 2006, Tampere(Finland) - Joined ICEB (International Consortium for Electronic Business) + eBRF (emergent Business Research Coalition) Global Conference on Emergent Business Phenomena in the Digital Economy - [Programme].
Keynote Speech The European Innovation Ecosystem Initiative for SMEs and Regional Development: Digital ecosystems, Semantic Web, Web 2.0 convergence [text in pdf] [text in doc] [slides in ppt] [slides in pdf 6pp] [slides in pdf 2pp]

July, 3rd 2006, Rome, Italian Parliament, 1st Chamber, - Camera dei Deputati (Roma),International Conference organised by the Presidency of the Italian Parliament and by the Lazio region on the issues of employment for youngest; which policy initiatives ? "I Pontos de Cultura brasiliani incontrano le Officine dell’Arte Politiche giovanili nella Società della Conoscenza" Session I: "Conoscenza e produzione in Rete per lo sviluppo e l’occupazione giovanile: Pontos de Cultura ed Ecosistemi digitali". [Agenda] [Summary movie 30']

June, 2006, Montpellier, Atelier “Stratégies d’entreprises dans les technologies de l’information”, . [Presentation pdf] [ppt]

June, 29th, 30th, 2006, London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Kick-off meeting of the Network of Excellence OOPALS "Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems ". [PO-presentation] [all the presentations will appear soon on the Website and Open Knowledge Space]

June 2006, 12nd, Pula (Cagliari), Workshop: "Sardegna Terra ICT Giornata di presentazione delle politiche regionali per le tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione" Sessione" Il distretto tecnologico ICT" Francesco Nachira "Digital Business Ecosystems" [pdf] [ppt]

May 2006 30th, Trento (Italy), Conference for the launch of the Digital Ecosystem Pilot in Trentino: "Il Digital Business Ecosystem: Un progetto innovativo per lo sviluppo economico e territoriale del Trentino" [Presentation] [Agenda] [Slides and speeches]

February 2006, 9th and 10th, in Brussels (Belgium), Concertation Meeting of the Digital Ecosystem Cluster, organised by the European Commission. Definition of further operative synergies among the projects of the Digital Ecosystem Cluster. Launch of the multi-stakeholder process of consultation for the “Innovation Ecosystem Initiative”.

Main Past Events (before 2006)


December 2005: eBusiness Conference : the way Forward - Cambridge, UK : 5-6 December 2005 - conference organized by the European Commission [pdf] - Session "Digital Ecosystems for SMEs: roots, multiplier effects and regional growth stakes"

November 2005: World Summit on Information Society (WSIS, Tunisi) 15-19 November 2005, Tunis KramPal Expo. The Digital Business Ecosystem project has been selected among the 10 EU flagship projects against the digital divide which to be presented at the European Commission stand at the ICT4all exhibition. The project DBE was representing the European initiative on digital ecosystems The digital ecosystem approach and initiative has raised high interest in most of the countries of Mercosur (e.g. Brasil, Venezuela, Argentina) and of the South-east Asia. The initiative of cultura viva of Brasil (with its Pontos de Cultura), although adddressing cultura and multimedia production, has a similar approach and, common initiatives and events will be activated. (some pictures here)

July, 6th to 9th, 2005 - Ostuni (Italy): eBusiness Management School - Advanced International Summer School on: " The emergence of novel organisational forms in the globalising planet: Toward the business ecosystem?" [Download brochure] [F.Nachira speech: Digital Business Ecosystems: ICT in support of Lisbon Agenda (slides ppt)]

Spring-2005: Bruxelles. A cycle of seminars for focusing the digital ecosystem concept, followed by on-line debate which originated the Digital Ecosystem research Vision: 2010 and Beyond, position paper.

June- 14-15th 2005 - Tampere (Finnland) two-day DBE coding-camp - During the event, one Driver SME's put up a planet that aggregates the SME blogs related to DBE developmentd. The Planet will be moved soon under the DBE project domains. Other regions are welcome to utilise the same planet. Planet DBE is a collection of blog postings from people and communities involved in the Digital Ecosystems.If you blog about DBE-related subjects, please contact Henri Bergius to get your feed aggregated here.

June-2005 - Bruxelles: "Information Society Policy Link" Initiative, PROMIS project policy workshop: "Relevance of eResources for the future of European SMEs" [D5 presentation in ppt] [in pdf]

June-2005 - Kracov (Poland) EISCO 2005 (European Information society Conference of local and regional governments) ended with THE CRACOW DECLARATION ON LOCAL AGENDA: i2010 in Europe and the promotion of digital solidarity among the cities of the world"; it includes 10 goals, among them"Digital ecosystems and training centers". A list of key issues has been annexed.
Speech of Gérald Santucci: "the i2010 (eEuropee): New Horizons, New Tasks for Local and Regional Governments - This conference “Digital Ecosystems”:The Next Frontier forSMEs and EuropeanLocal Regional Clusters?" [slides in pdf, in ppt] [speech]

June-2005 - The open source community startes to work on the DBE components and to use for development, first bottom-up use cases; also here. The first company is the micro-enterprise Yucatan from Tampere (Finland)

May-2005 - First releases of components of the digital ecosystem infrastructure available on sourceforge:

May 24th, 2005 - Brussels, (Belgium): Call 5 Information Day on "ICT for Enterprise Networking" - FP6 IST Call 5 WP 2005-2006
The objective of this event was to present the next call Strategic Objective 2.5.8. "ICT for Networked Businesses" and its three focuses. The key presentations are available here.

Community and Net-events

July, 12th, 2005 - Aragon (Spain): A public DBE node is active in Aragon, the first services has been published

August, 2005: DBE is extending beyond the EU borders. Indian DBE-related website


September, 2004: Planet DBE - Blog and News aggregator for the DBE community has been activated. Planet DBE is a collection of blog postings from people and communities involved in the Digital Business Ecosystem project. Planet is available as web-page at and as RSS 2.0 feed at

December-2004: 9-10/12/2004 : Cluster Meeting of the project of the Unit "ICT for Enterprise Networking".
Introductory presentation [Pdf (4MB)] [keynote (4 MB)]
Slides with the conclusions of the Cluster “Technologies for Digital Ecosystems” [Pdf] [Powerpoint] [Keynote] and summary of the meeting of the Cluster “Technologies for Digital Ecosystems” [Pdf]

September-2004: 14/9/2004 : IANIS (Innovative Actions Network for the Information Society) network and DG-INFSO have co-organised a Workshop on Knowledge-based economy, regional innovation systems, digital business ecosystems and complex adaptive systems

June-2004: The cluster "Technologies for digital ecosystems - Supporting Regional Growth and Innovation of
Business Ecosystems" has been created.

May-2004: The new sector: "Technologies for Business Ecosystems" was created within the D5 Unit: "ICT for Business".


November-2003: Start ofthe first DE project: DBE which included 3 pilot regions acting as pilots in ditial ecosystem initiative Tampere (Finland); West-Midlands (UK); Aragon (Spain)

October-2003: eChallenge Conference, Bologna(Italy), presentation of DBE project in the workshops:

October-2003: IST2003 Conference, Milano(Italy) , presentation of Digital Ecosystem concept in the sessions:


Preliminary Workshops 2002

A set of workshops have been organised for verifying the interest of the European research community to invest in the Digital Ecosystem area. Also objective of the workshops was to disseminate the information, to improve and enrich the digital ecosystem concept.

First Workshop (Brussels, Oct 4)

A 1st brainstorming workshop took place in Brussels, 4 October 2002, to discuss the validity and the interest of the Digital Business Ecosystems concept for small organisations.

The debate confirmed that DBE is a complex and ambitious field of research whose outcomes could produce innovation in the local business and could have an impressive positive economic impact. The participants decided to further investigate the concept and to explore if a large research initiative could be launched (summary of conclusions .pdf)

Second Workshop (Copenhagen, Nov 6)

In the framework of the annual conference organised by DG-INFSO: IST 2002 Conference - Copenhagen, 6 November the Workshop "Organisational ecosystems for SMEs" took place.

September-2002: Following a first cicle of consultation, the European Commission publishes the Discussion Paper "Towards a network of digital business ecosystems" and asks for a feedback.

Call for Proposals of the IST-Framework Programmes

Call for Proposals of the IST-Framework Programme

The first 3 Calls of IST-FP7

The first calls for project proposals of FP7 did not include the Digital Business Ecosystem topic. Here you'll find more information about FP7 and digital business ecosystems. (The legislative process)
Specific references to Digital Ecosystems are mentioned within the current proposal of FP7 Framework Programme and within the Specific Programme, but the issue has not been included in the Workprogramme implementation of the FP7 for 2007-2008 and for 2009-2010.

The 6th Call of IST-FP6 (closed)

The call for project proposal FP6-2005-IST-6 closed April 25th, 2006. The text of the workprogramme is here. No specific references to Digital Ecosystems have been included.

The 5th Call of IST-FP6 (closed)

The call for project proposal FP6-2002-IST-5 opens May 17th and closes September 22nd. The text of the workprogramme second update (2005-2006), here with the infopack includes the strategic objective "2.5.8 ICT for Networked Businesses" which is open for STREPs and NoE in the "Digital ecosystems" sector (total budget 46M€).

2.5.8 ICT for Networked Businesses - Objectives


1. Digital business ecosystems for SMEs. Research in this area will aim at providing an open-source environment and suitable operative models enabling small- and medium-sized organisations to co-operate, through the implementation of dynamic virtual organisations, in production of software services, components and applications that are suited to local/regional business needs across the enlarged European Union. The work covers the design, development and take-up of flexible and adaptable software applications which are interoperable with proprietary systems, to support the spontaneous composition, sharing, distribution, adaptation and evolution of business solutions and knowledge. Special emphasis will be laid on open-source, distributed, collaborative, self-adaptive and easy-to-use environments for small organisations.
Instruments: STREPs, NoEs

2. Extended products and services
... for new products, services and the business environment. The work can cover decentralised architectures of intelligent communicating objects or processes allowing new approaches to collaboration, planning, scheduling, material management, auctioning, tendering, invoicing, workflow management, knowledge management or other business processes. Underlying issues such as interoperability, flexible, secure and robust infrastructures, information and knowledge sharing, modelling and simulation, and organisational change should be given due consideration.
Instruments: STREPs, IPs

3. Horizontal actions. This work will address the new legal challenges raised by the fostered networked and collaborative paradigms – especially in the areas of IPR/open source, autonomous software components and the extended products and services concept, which draw an increased public awareness – and the need for advanced tools for the measurement and assessment of the potential benefits of collaborative networks.
Instruments: SSAs, CAs

Few proposal in the Focus 1 have been selected for funding. More information in the Projects and Cluster page.

The 1st Call FP6 (closed)

The call for project proposal FP6-2002-IST-1 (closing date April 2003) was launched under the FP6-IST programme. One of the areas addressed was "Networked Business and Governments" which included in its focus "IST as driver for small business and government reorganisation through local development processes including small business ecosystems" and "multidisciplinary researches into complex adaptive and self-organising systems". Some proposals related to the Digital Ecosystems concept have been submitted two proposals have been evaluated of quality above the treshold.

One proposal, DBE "Digital Business Ecosystem" has been selected for funding and has started November 1st, 2003. All the results of the project are open source and publicly available, and could be founded on the DBE-Collabnet website.

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