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Olga Memedovic

Francis HeylighenDr. Olga Memedovic is an Industrial Development Officer at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Private Sector Development Branch. Previously, she served as Project Leader and Research Fellow at the Netherlands Economic Institute and at the Tinbergen Institute of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Free University Amsterdam, and University of Amsterdam. She holds a PhD in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam

She has been a consultant and project leader in various research projects for the World Bank, European Parliament, European Commission, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, and for the ACP General Secretariat in Brussels.

Ms. Memedovic is the author and main editor of several books, including On Theory and Measurement of Comparative Advantages, published in 1995; Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: Implications for Developing Countries, published in 1996; Globalisation of Labour Markets, published in 1997, and Multilateralism and Regionalism in the Post Uruguay Round Era, published in 1999. She has also produced many reports, articles and studies on the impact of WTO Agreements, globalisation and migration, labour and environmental standards, technical barriers to trade, competitiveness of EU industries, and global value chains and production networks and industrial policy issues and on public goods for economic development with a focus on market integration, technology transfer, environmental management and financial stability. She is referee and editor of various international journals

She has established, led and managed various research programs and projects, among them the EU–LDC Network with more than 400 high-level academics and policy makers worldwide, active in the fields of trade and capital relations between the developed and developing countries; UNIDO research projects on Global Value Chains and Production Networks: Prospects for Industrial Upgrading by Developing Countries; and Public Goods for Economic Development, which include multidisciplinary teams of more than 50 international experts in the fields of international trade, international economics, public economics, industrial and economic development, industrial organization, private sector development,  regional development, environment and global governance.

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