Economic Participation in the Age of Networking: Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Services. Bruxelles, November 7th, 2007 | Achievements of the first 3 years and future perspectives of the Collaborative EU research and deployment of Digital Business Ecosystems.


Harry Halpin

Harry HalpinHarry Halpin is a researcher and postgraduate student of Henry S. Thompson and Andy Clark at the University of Edinburgh. He's interested in the intersection of philosophy and the Web. In particular, what exactly are the secrets to the success of the Web and what lessons does this hold for computing in general, and especially artificial intelligence? In his current work he's analyzing both the underlying architecture of the Web using notions from information theory, type theory, the philosophy of computation. As a side interest, he is also interested in how we can use machine-learning and natural language processing to make the massive amount of text on the Web easier to use, in particular through automatic ontology creation. This application comes from his interest in narrative analysis, which he did his MSc. thesis. He can usually be found in Edinburgh, but have been known to make guest appearances in New York City and the forests of North Carolina.

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