Economic Participation in the Age of Networking: Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Services. Bruxelles, November 7th, 2007 | Achievements of the first 3 years and future perspectives of the Collaborative EU research and deployment of Digital Business Ecosystems.


Andrea Nicolai

Andrea Nicolai, is actually the CEO and Founder of T6 ( a non-profit research and consulting organisation in the area of IT innovation and strategies for local development. Mixing an humanistic background (Literature and Cinema) with a long professional practice in the area of Information and Communication Technologies he has been the coordinator of a substantial number of international and Italian projects dealing with research in ICT and innovation strategy in the areas of media industries sectors and SME innovation path. He is actually coordinating one of the most important research investment the European Commission has done in the area of Open Source software service oriented architectures for SMEs. His activities on the innovation and research edge have brought him to work with several European organisations and the European Parliament in support of Directives amendments, legislative drafting and lobbying activities in support of the Open Source and Open Knowledge. Achievements of the international research initiatives he coordinated have led him to integrate research outcomes with public policies and innovative business strategies. He was invited in 2002 to join the Information Society Technologies Advisory Group (ISTAG), appointed to give strategic advice to the European Commission Information Society Directorare General on IT evolution and research roadmap, working in particular on the issues related to Technology Transfer, IPRs and innovation strategies. His expertise and his research activities have spanned through several industrial domains and technologies. He has been speaker and chairman in several international conferences and he lead several workshops and MBA lessons on the strategic ICT use in e-business, networked enterprises, new business models, tourism, advanced technology adoption and open source technologies and patent and copyright in Europe. He was invited lecturer in several postgraduate and graduate courses on e-business scenarios and ICT. He also acts as an International expert on Information Technology, being a member of the Valuation, Selection and Reviews Panel concerned with research projects for the European Commission.

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