Economic Participation in the Age of Networking: Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Services. Bruxelles, November 7th, 2007 | Achievements of the first 3 years and future perspectives of the Collaborative EU research and deployment of Digital Business Ecosystems.

European Commission - Bruxelles, Centre Borschette - 0A

This conference has shown the achievements of the "Digital Business Ecosystems" with its systemic approach, which empowers SMEs and allows them to participate actively in the global economy, exploiting all dimensions of dynamic collaboration and networking: networking organisations, networking services, networking knowledge and capacities.

This conference is a major event of the digital ecosystem community. It is a unique opportunity to meet the scientific community, explore the achievements reached so far and get a view of the future perspectives.

The open and distributed philosophy of digital buisness ecosystems fosters innovation and local development, enables collaboration between SMEs, and their integration in the global market. A "digital ecosystem" of services, ideas and skills enables the networking of knowledge, services and business actors and has to be supported by specific (necessarily distributed and open source) technologies and infrastructures. The cluster of projects in this research area, which provide open source and creative common results, represents the biggest co-funding of in open source technologies made so far with the European Commisssion (with more than 30M€ of total common investment).

The Conference presents the tangible results and the innovative potential of Digital Business Ecosystems research and development achieved in 3-4 years, which enabled:
- to define new technologies and paradigms based on people and business networking able to self-organise and evolve
- to forge applications and ideas
- to develop working prototypes of evolutionary open and free platforms
- to transfer the research results and their adoption by regional pilots
- to form a vibrant scientific community and a network of pilot regions
- to engage SMEs in design and use of initial applications.

This Conference addressed the future of the economy and the role of social, technical and knowledge networks for growth and employment; it aims at presenting the tangible achievements reached by the collaborative European research and development community within the open-source Digital Business Ecosystems approach, and also its future perspectives for further development.

With this conference the European Commission celebrated the achievements of the first phase of the Digital Ecosystems research activities. The main achievements - in terms of research and in terms of deployment - will be presented. Two round tables will debate the future perspectives of the European Digital Ecosystems.

Each session will be opened by high-level keynote speakers providing an inspiring vision of the future and addressing the challenges ahead for creating a favourable environment for SMEs in a network-based economy. Keynote will be provided by the open source champion Bruce Perens. Two round tables composed by Members of the European Parliament and Regional policy makers will debate the future perspectives for development.

This conference, also be webcast, accomodated 150 representatives from the research community and from European, national and regional decision-makers. and were translated and recorded in 5 European languages

If you would like to know more about the digital business ecosystems, please refer to the website

We have reached the maximum number of seats allowed in the conference room. Therefore we have closed the registrations , but you can follow the conference and participate on line through the webcast

The video of the speeches and round tables (in 5 languages) are available  on-line.