Economic Participation in the Age of Networking: Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Services. Bruxelles, November 7th, 2007 | Achievements of the first 3 years and future perspectives of the Collaborative EU research and deployment of Digital Business Ecosystems.

About Digital Business Ecosystems

The DE aims to provide SMEs with ICT infrastructure and technology to improve their efficiency and integration into global value chains. It is a systemic approach to support global collaboration activities by firms based on open-source and a distributed environment of networked services. The DE offers and transports services (applications) and information (knowledge), through adaptive technologies and evolutionary business models that empower business networks and support local and regional development.

The results of EU research in this area support enterprises, and specifically demonstrate how SMEs and independent developers and producers could be included in economic processes, through a Digital Business Ecosystem paradigm. In recent years, this approach is emerging worldwide and seems to be able to answer some of the main challenges.

If you would like to know more about the digital business ecosystems, please refer to the digital ecosystem website

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DEN4DEK Digital Ecosystem Regional Network
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